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The 9th Halo
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The 9th Halo is run by Pamela Townsend
I am a licensed and approved tutor and I teach all things spiritual
from certified courses
to half- and full-day workshops

(Please see Biography, below)


* I am a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui method of Reiki. I run courses from Initiate entry to Master Teacher level. I am a Master-Teacher member of the UK Reiki Federation. (Please see Reiki Tuition, below, for details of the training)

* I am a licensed tutor with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers - The Healing Trust. I run their four foundation courses and guide students through the two-year training programme.

For more info on this training visit www.thehealingtrust.org.uk
For more information about Pamela on this site visit www.thehealingtrust.org.uk/home/find-a-tutor/

* I run advanced healing courses for all my students once they have qualified in their chosen method of healing.


Workshops for Spiritual Development

* I run many workshops to assist the spiritual traveller in their soul journey and spiritual development. These are not linked to the above healer training and all are welcome to attend, whether you are interested in being a healer, or not.

* The list on the Workshops button, below, is just a sample of subjects covered. New subjects are added all the time and I am happy to run workshops on any aspects of spiritual development that students may feel they need.


Good to Talk

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to talk about becoming a healer OR you want to develop spiritually so as to progress on your soul's journey.

The Higher Self of each of us knows exactly what help we need. It knows why we are here on Earth at this time, it knows what this life can teach us and it knows what our past-life lessons have been. Have we learned those lessons? How do we go about doing that? How do we heal soul wounds? How do we understand ourselves better? How do we walk forward with confidence to the lives still ahead of us?

I can help you find those answers - it is my pleasure to assist.

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"One moon shows in every pool; In every pool the one moon."